Company profile

Fichtner Energy s.r.o. has been established as a daughter company of Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart Germany ( with the aim to cover all relevant activities in a region of Eastern Europe and to effectively use experienced experts active in Slovakia

Company FE disposes with portfolio of experts which have more than 15 years experiences in power engineering area (mechanical, electrical, I&C, civil, commissioning). With this team and all Fichtner group memberĀ“s strong support we are able and ready to offer consultancy as well as engineering services for our clients and partners. Creation of the European Design Centre for Fichtner Group is our future target jointly with Mother Company in a second phase of the company growth.

Based on professional background and experiences of the Fichtner Energy personnel we are active mainly in the field of power and heating plants.

FE is mainly focusing on Eastern European market which is our main business territory. We are able and ready to participate in cooperation with Mother Company or its branches in development and execution of the projects all over the world.